Paneer curry in a hurry

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Paneer curry in a hurry

Want to whip up a fiery vegetarian curry in no time? This paneer curry recipe by TASTE food editor Abigail Donnelly is for you.

I made homemade paneer – a fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine for the very first time the other day – and it was like magic!

After boiling some milk and adding a bit of vinegar, all the curds separate from the whey and when squashed it sets into a cheese round. It’s so easy to make and added to a curry sauce, makes a really good dinner.

Here is how to make the paneer:

full cream milk 1 litre
white vinegar 2 t

Boil the milk, then add the vinegar. When the curds rise to the top, strain them off into a clean tea towel.
Squeeze all the whey out and flatten the towel with something heavy, such as a pot.
Cut up into blocks and pop into a curry.

For an easy paneer curry, fry off a sachet of Massaman curry paste and add a can of coconut cream. Bring to the boil and turn off the heat. Add the paneer and chopped coriander. Sometimes I like to add halved hard-boiled eggs or some baby spinach, too.

Abigail Donnelly Article by: Abigail Donnelly

Nothing excites Woolworths TASTE's Food Director quite as much as the challenge of dreaming up recipes with innovative new foods – or the thrill of creating deliciousness on a plate with the humblest of ingredients. With Abi by your side, you’ll be a cooking expert in no time at all.

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    Marisa Steyn
    April 14, 2015

    How long would you suggest squashing the curds before it makes paneer solid enough to cut?