Pantry staples: The salt guide

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Pantry staples: The salt guide

Showing off your crystal collection is a whole lot cooler these days.

MALDON SEA SALT* You’ll recognise it by the pyramid shape of it’s crystals. Sprinkle over fresh avocado and have yourself a moment.


HAWAIIAN BLACK SALT* gets its inky intensity from the activated coconut shell charcoal added to it. Sprinkle on dark chocolate fondant for a dramatic finale.


The best thing since freshly ground sea salt? CAVIAR SALT PEARLS* – delicate rounds of fine sea salt perfect for pinching over food at the dinner table.


SMOKED SALT* adds fireside flavour to food when you don’t have time to braai. This Kalahari desert salt is cold-smoked with French oak.

The pink tint of HIMALAYAN SALT* comes from trace amounts of iron oxide. Show off its subtle flavour on simple boiled, buttery spuds.

HIMALAYAN SALT SLABS are great heat conductors – perfect for flash-frying beef strips.


Incorporating Shiraz, this WINE DESERT SALT* is best friends with red meat.


Go all gourmet and add BEETROOT JUICE to your favourite salt crystals.


OLIVE SALT harnesses the briny, umami flavours of dried olives. It loves a simple tomato-and-buffalo mozzarella salad.


MURRAY RIVER SALT* is extracted from the water of Australia’s Murray-Darling river basin. Crush the mild, peach-hued flakes over veg or poultry.


PERSIAN BLUE SALT* is harvested in Iran. Concentrated with a hint of sweetness, it’s a great foil for caramel.

ROCK SALT is a bit of an outsider. It’s not really used in food so much as it’s used for food. Example? Whole fish or chicken baked in a rock-salt crust.

* Available at selected Woolworths stores.

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