This is what people really want at a braai

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This is what people really want at a braai

Flame grilled, or charred to perfection, this is a smokey feast beyond comparison.


Yes, everyone expects chops and wors at a braai, but what if you gave them juicy burgers instead? Specifically, home-made burger patties made with the perfect ratio of lean beef mince and lean pork mince (both R45 per kilo)? They’ll thank you, that’s what, and you’ll have saved yourself a whole lot of cash. Now follow these tips to become a braai-burger master craftsman.

5 ways to master the art of the braai burger

1. A great burger should be all about the meat: don’t add breadcrumbs, onions, herbs or anything except seasoning.
2. When forming your patties, create an indent in the middle of each. This will stop them from becoming meatballs on the braai.
3. Braai quickly over hot coals and press down on the patty with a spatula on both sides. This will create a delicious charred crust but keep the centre juicy.
4. Add cheese while the burgers are on the grill so it melts.
5. Serve on the ultimate hamburger bun, R45 for six, with pickles, relish and a side order of pride.

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