How to cook the perfect Mother’s Day lunch during lockdown

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How to cook the perfect Mother's Day lunch during lockdown

Now more than ever, moms deserve to be spoiled. Here’s how to pull off the perfect Mother’s Day lunch, even while in lockdown.

This year, we reckon moms deserve a little extra fuss. Between working from home, home-schooling and keeping the family sane, moms truly are superheroes. Here’s the perfect lunch to celebrate that undeniable fact – even while in lockdown.

Twice-baked cheese soufflés

Don’t let the word ‘soufflé’ put you off, these are designed to rise and fall, only to be baked once more with a creamy, cheesy topping. This is also a great way of using all of the cheese off-cuts you have in the fridge, so don’t stress too much about the types specified in the recipe. Blue cheese, finely chopped Brie or Camembert, Cheddar or Emmenthaler would all work well here, just make sure you make up the correct quantities. Serve alongside warm bread and a salad for the perfect starter.

Get the recipe for these twice-baked cheese soufflés here.

Buttermilk chicken with roast white beans and olives

If you’re able to get hold of buttermilk for the marinade, don’t leave it out, but if you can’t, fear not. The recipe works just as well without it. Sub out the beans for any of your choosing (chickpeas would also be great here). You could even toss chopped carrots in too, if you fancy.
Buttermilk chicken with roast white beans and olivesGet the recipe for this buttermilk chicken here.

Glazed Hasselback butternut squash

There’s a pretty good chance you were planning to roast butternut, right? Make it a little more special with this Hasselback version.
Get the recipe for these glazed Hasselback butternut here. 

Fried garlic green beans

Give mom what she really wants this Mother’s Day – you, eating vegetables. This green bean side dish is a quick and easy way to gussy up any greens you might have. Add Tenderstem broccoli, sugar snaps or mange tout if you want to.
BeansGet the recipe for these fried garlic green beans here.

Free-form peach tart

This easy galette allows you to show off a bit by making pastry, but doesn’t require too much skill or effort. Store-bought shortcrust will work just as well here. Canned peaches will work too, if you can’t get fresh, or use any fruit you favour. Plums, apples and even a mix of berries would all be delicious.

Get the recipe for this free-form peach tart here.

Bonus round: the breakfast-in-bed Nutella-and-peanut butter French toast

If you’re aiming for favourite child status (it’s ok, we always are!), why not start her day off with a little treat in bed? This pimped-up version of French toast with Nutella and peanut butter would be perfect served alongside a cup of tea.

Get the recipe for this Nutella-and-peanut butter French toast here.

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