Say good bye to soggy sandwiches with our ultimate picnic picks

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Say good bye to soggy sandwiches with our ultimate picnic picks

One of the best things about summer is the warm sunset picnics with a view. As the sunshine season kicks into full swing, why not head out to a scenic spot with your nearest and dearest and pack some of these 12 quick-to-prepare picnic staples?

Before you set off, make sure your Tupperware is sealed tight and pack in some wipes and hand sanitizer to ‘wash up’ before wolfing down.

‘Chip’ and dip

1. Hurried hummus in 10 minutes
Hurried hummus recipe

Cook’s note: What makes this robust hummus special is the fact that it requires no tahini and therefore no trip to the local health store.

Try the hurried hummus recipe here.
2. Crispy baby marrow fries in 10 minutes

Try the crispy baby marrow fries recipe here.
3. Celery bites with strawberry-top pesto in 25 minutes
Celery bites with strawberry-top pesto recipe

Cook’s note: Don’t chuck the cut-off ends of strawberries – they’re a great way to bulk up a pesto. And celery happens to be a very budget-conscious veggie that’s beyond delicious as a snack to serve with drinks.

Try the celery bites with strawberry-top pesto recipe here.
4. Smoky spring onion dip in 10 minutes
Smoky spring onion dip recipe

Cook’s note: Serve with crudités or charred vegetables.

Try the smoky spring onion dip recipe here.

Tear-and-share meals to tuck into

1. Cauliflower-and-brinjal tart in 45 minutes

Cook’s note: This moreish crustless tart, inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi’s in Plenty More, makes a substantial lunch served with a simple salad of leaves dressed with pomegranate molasses.

Try the cauliflower-and-brinjal tart recipe here.
2. Tomato-and-asparagus tart in 30-35 minutes

Try the tomato-and-asparagus tart recipe here.
3. Cheat’s sticky BBQ meatball pizza in 35 minutes

Cook’s note: Cheat your way to an Italian-American dinner with Woolies’ beef meatballs, wraps as easy pizza bases and smoky flavour courtesy of Woolies’ hickory liquid smoke.

Try the cheat’s sticky BBQ meatball pizza recipe here.

Something naughty or something nice to quench your thirst

1. Watermelon-and-rosemary cocktail in 5 minutes
watermelon and rosemary cocktail

Try the watermelon-and-rosemary cocktail recipe here.
2. Berry spritzer in 5 minutes

Try the berry spritzer recipe here.

Sweet treats

1. Easy coconut-and-chocolate macaroons in 25 minutes
Easy coconut-and-chocolate macaroons recipe

Try the easy coconut-and-chocolate macaroons recipe here.
2. Chocolate honeycomb in 15 minutes

Cook’s note: Bring back childhood memories of school fêtes with this easy crunchy honeycomb, drizzled in chocolate. There isn’t an easier way, or a more delicious one, to finish a meal.

Try the chocolate honeycomb recipe here.

3. A lolly to make you jolly

Get the recipe here.

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