Quiz: What your office lunch says about you

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Quiz: What your office lunch says about you

Come one o’clock, do your colleagues look at your packed lunch with envy or pity?

1. Before you head out the door in the morning, you:
a) Grab a couple of slices of bread and put it in a tupperware container. You’re pretty sure you have some Bovril in your desk drawer.
b) Fill your hemp bag with one mason jar filled with bircher muesli, and another one with quinoa tabbouleh, both of which you made last night.
c) Open the fridge and see a tumble weed rolling past. You’ll probably end up getting something from the Woolies near work.

2. Your favourite condiment is:
a) Mayonnaise. Store bought is fine. Everything is better with mayo.
b) It’s a tossup between your homemade kimchi (though, technically not a condiment) and own barrel-fermented vinegar.
c) Those packets of take-away tomato sauce in your handbag come in pretty handy sometimes.

3. When preparing your lunch in the office kitchen, your colleagues are most likely to say:
a) Two-minute noodles, again?
b) What even is okonomiyaki?
c) Are you on some kind of strict naanwich diet?

4. You tend to judge:
a) Anyone that’ll chew your ear off for 15 minutes explaining how they managed to revive their scoby.
b) Anyone that doesn’t know how to make kombucha.
c) Anyone that has enough time to make kombucha from scratch, but not enough for waiting in line for their almond-milk flat white.

5. Your idea of the perfect sandwich is:
a) A leftover braai broodjie.
b) Roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella between two slices of your own sourdough.
c) The steak onion sandwich from Woolies.


Mostly A: You can join the conversation around MasterChef Australia, but you’re not too fussed with making gourmet meals unless there’s a dinner party coming up. You appreciate simple, unpretentious food, but won’t say no to a free Michelin starred dinner, either.

Mostly B: You’re the class captain of food nerd school, sometimes annoyingly so – except when you bring macarons to work, then everybody loves you. You’re on a first name basis with most folks at your farmers market, devour food blogs and publications, and enjoy cooking almost as much as you like eating.

Mostly C: We get it. You’re too busy to cook, but not too busy to eat (your personal record for inhaling a Woolies chicken-bacon wrap is 2 minutes). You’re on a first-name basis with most cashiers at your Woolies and don’t care who knows it.

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