Readers’ choice: the Sunday roast must-haves

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Readers’ choice: the Sunday roast must-haves

Everyone has their must-have Sunday roast dishes. From perfectly roasted chicken to tender lamb, these were your top answers for our Friday Food Fight: Sunday Lunch Edition.

Whether you keep things simple with a small roasted chook or go all out with an impressive leg of lamb, we can all agree that Sunday lunch brings us all together.  We tend to be sentimental, holding fond memories of breaking bread with loved ones before a busy week starts. And while the meal brings everyone together, everyone has their favourite mains and sides. We’ve rounded up your top Friday Food Fight: Sunday Lunch Edition answers.

The big roast

Roast chicken

Chicken is a versatile protein that can take your lunch from a budget meal to an all-out feast. This recipe roasts in under an hour, and offers flavours of rich tomato, briney capers and a kick of chilli.

Get the recipe for soffritto chicken with caper potatoes here.

Roast beef

Roast beef is always worth the extra effort. If you’re planning on making this recipe, we suggest thinking ahead and starting early so you can have lunch on the table in time.

Roast sirloin with sweet potato bake

Get the recipe for roast sirloin with sweet potato bake here.

Pork belly

Apple, cider and sage are a pork belly’s best friends. We’ve paired these classic flavours together in a pork belly roast that’s ready in under 55 minutes and guarantees a crispy crackling, making the effort totally worth it.

Get the recipe for roast pork belly with cider, apple and sage here.

Leg of lamb

Chilly winter Sundays deserve a dish that’s both hearty and satisfying. The beauty of this recipe is that you can place it in the oven and “forget about it” while you go about your day. Serve with creamy polenta or fluffy steam bread.

Roast lamb with haricot beans

Get the recipe for roast lamb with haricot beans here.

Must-have sides

Crispy roast potatoes

This was, without a doubt, the number one Sunday roast side. We have to agree: whether they’re roasted in olive oil, butter or duck fat, no Sunday lunch is complete without golden, crispy, fluffy spuds.

the crispiest ever roast potatoes

Learn how to make perfect roast potatoes here.

Glazed roast carrots

This root veg came out tops for its sweet flavour and the vibrant orange colour it brings to the table. According to our poll, you especially enjoy carrots brushed with a sweet glaze. You’re going to love this South Asian-inspired version with tamarind and yoghurt.

Roast carrots in tamarind dressing with yoghurtView the recipe here.

Get the recipe for roast carrots in tamarind dressing with yoghurt here.


Beetroot can be slightly polarising – but pair it with the right trimmings and you’ve got yourself a winner. If you want deep flavours for this easy salad, we recommend roasting the beets.

Get the recipe for beetroot-and-feta salad here.


Don’t waste any of the pan juices from your big roast – use them to make gravy! Pour over slices of roast beef, or mop up with roast potatoes.

foolproof gravy

Get the recipe for foolproof gravy here.

Save room…

Custard and jelly

We’re getting the last word and declaring jelly and custard a classic South African Sunday dessert. Whether you grew up with pre-made custard or custard powder, you’re bound to have fond childhood memories of jiggly, brightly coloured jelly and silky-smooth vanilla custard.

Jelly-and-custard moulds

Get the recipe for jelly-and-custard moulds here.

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