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Bacon recipes

The best bacon recipes balance all that savoury flavour with sweetness, lightness and zing. From the best bacon-and-egg sandwiches, to bacon-wrapped chilli poppers and sticky maple bacon, here's how to make the most of your pork.

Battered and fried recipes

From fish-and-chips to fried chicken and tempura seafood, our best fried recipes will answer your craving for batter.

Beans recipes

Beans make the ultimate cheap dinners, hearty lunches and breakfasts. From five-bean salad to homemade baked beans, bean curry to bean mash, these are our best bean recipes.

Beef recipes

Here are our best beef recipes for everything from beef burgers to meatballs, steak to mince.

Beer Food

What's the best food to pair with beer? From fish-and-chips to peri-peri chicken livers, beer bread to Guinness cake, these are our top recommendations for food to serve with beer.

Beetroot recipes

From soups to salads and even cake and brownies, here’s our endless list of beetroot recipes.

Berry recipes

Beverage recipes

Biltong recipes

Undeniably a delicious snack on its own, biltong is also a standout flavour that packs a punch in plenty of moreish - but surprisingly simple - dishes

Birthday cake recipes

From the best chocolate cake recipes to easy cupcake recipes, we've got the perfect cake for your party.

Biryani recipes

Biscuit recipes

Looking for a South African biscuit recipe? From chocolate chip cookies and crunchies to custard cookies and peanut butter biscuits, these are our very best biscuit recipes.

Boards and platters

From charcuterie platters to grazing boards, these are recipes made for sharing.

Braai recipes

So you think you have the best braai recipes? Browse TASTE Magazine's best braai recipes for potjie to chakalaka, kebabs to potato salad, and all braai recipes in between. Get ready to overhaul your braai recipes, friends!

Bread recipes

Whether you are making your own sourdough starter, or want to make a simple no-yeast soda bread, this is the place to find all our very best bread recipes. We're talking stokbrood, flatbread, focaccia and corn bread.

Breakfast recipes

From shakshuka to porridge, scrambled eggs to the ultimate Hollandaise, this is our guide to the very best breakfast recipes.

Brinjal recipes

Broccoli recipes

Broccoli gets its much-needed redemption with these lushly green recipes that range from stir-fries and traybake to pasta and dips.

Brownie recipes

From the best gooey brownies, to wheat-and-sugar-free brownies, these are our best brownie recipes.  

Burger recipes

From beef burgers to chicken burgers, vegetarian burgers to fish, lamb and pork burgers, these are our very best burger recipes.

Butternut recipes

From soups to mash to ravioli fillings, is there anything butternut can't do? Find every kind of butternut recipe here.