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Cake recipes

Brace yourselves for our best cake recipes! From classic cake recipes like chocolate cake, carrot cake and fruit cake to inspired birthday cake recipes, beautiful cupcakes, ice-cream cakes, gluten-free cakes and reduced sugar cakes, there's something for everyone.


From crispy to delicately braised, there's no end to what calamari can do. Here are our favourite ways to cook calamari, squid and octopus.

Cauliflower recipes

Cauliflower's popularity has skyrocketed since the banting movement began. Here are our best cauliflower recipes – from cauliflower mash and cauliflower cheese to cauliflower soup and salad.

Ceviche recipes

Introducing our very best ceviche recipes! From salmon ceviche and tuna ceviche to yellowtail ceviche, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy this Peruvian fish dish. Here are our favourites.

Chakalaka recipes

Cheat recipes

Looking for quick, easy tricks to make classic recipes faster? Make our cheat's arancini, paella or box cake, and your guests will never know the difference!

Cheese recipes

Our best cheese recipes will satisfy any cheese craving! We're talking mac-and-cheese, cauliflower cheese, cheese toasties, pizzas, lasagne and chilli poppers. Things are about to get seriously cheesy.

Cheesecake recipes

Are you team fridge cheesecake or team baked cheesecake? Whatever your preference, we've got the best cheesecake recipe for you.

Chicken breast recipes

From crispy fried chicken to sticky stir-fries, we've got an extensive collection of recipes using chicken breasts that prove they're anything but boring.

Chicken recipes

Looking for the best chicken recipe to add to your weekly dinner schedule? We've got recipes for roast chicken, chicken schnitzels, chicken pie, chicken curry and so much more.

Chicken thigh recipes

Dark meat-lovers, this section is for you! Find our extensive collection of recipes using chicken thighs here.

Chickpea recipes

Chilli recipes

If you like things spicy, you've come to the right place. These are our best recipes with chilli – from peri peri chicken to curry, hot chilli sauce to chilli poppers.

Chip recipes

From classic French fries to sweet potato chips, baby marrow chips to root veggie chips, these are our best chip recipes.

Chocolate recipes

From chocolate cake to chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies to chocolate fondant, we've got the best chocolate recipe for every occasion.

Christmas dessert recipes

From trifle to Christmas pudding, mince pies to Christmas cake, here are our best Christmas dessert recipes.

Christmas recipes

These are our best recipes for the Christmas season! From the ultimate roast potatoes and gammon to trifle and gravy, we've got all the recipes to make Christmas dinner a success.

Chuckles recipes

Chuckles – in all their many incarnations – have a bevy of fans, but you haven't truly lived until you've tried them in cakes and bakes. Read on for recipes using the Woolies' exclusive brand in fudge, rusks, waffles, trifle, and more!

Citrus recipes

Lemons, oranges and Clemengolds bright zing and sweetness to both sweet and savoury dishes. From chicken recipes and fish recipes to cakes and bakes, here are our best citrus recipes.

Cocktail recipes

From classic cocktail recipes like pina coladas, negronis, mojitos, margaritas, martinis and bloody Marys, to innovative new drinks, here's our guide to the best cocktail recipes.

Coconut recipes

Coconut is one of Abigail Donnelly's all-time favourite ingredients. Here are our best coconut recipes – from Hertzoggie tarts and macaroons to coconut ice and lamingtons.

Coffee recipes

From tiramisu to coffee cake, Vietnamese iced coffee to Irish coffee, here are our best coffee recipes.

Coleslaw recipes

Couscous recipes

Couscous is the ultimate, quick solution to bulking up a meal. Here are our best couscous recipes.

Cupcake recipes

From classics like red velvet cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, to inspired ideas like gin-and-tonic cupcakes, these are our best cupcake recipes.

Curry recipes

From Durban curries and Cape Malay curries, to Thai curries and Indian curries: these are our very best curry recipes.