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Dhal recipes

Our best dhal recipes make this affordable lentil dish into the star of the show. Serve it with naan, fritters or rotis for a warming feast.

Dinners under R50 per serving

Shopping on a budget needn’t mean eating leftovers for days – turn butter chicken into a more economical pasta bake, transform boerewors into a pap-and-boerie tray bake, or serve a fragrant hake curry or spicy paella to guests!

Dip recipes

Hummus, aïoli, tapenade and pesto: find all these and more in our guide to the best dip recipes.

Diwali recipes

From delectable sweet treats to divine dishes to add to the celebration, here are our top recipes for Diwali.

Don Pedro recipes

The don pedro is a proudly South African recipe, featuring a combination of some kind of alcohol and ice cream. Most commonly, whisky, Amarula of Kahlua are called upon, but recipes vary hugely.

Doughnut recipes

Fluffy balls of fried dough dipped in chocolate, filled with jam or tossed in sugar. These are our best-ever doughnut recipes.

Dressing recipes

From monkeygland sauce to every kind of pesto imaginable, this is our guide to the best dressings for salads, meats and roast veggies.

Duck recipes

Roast duck is not the only dish you can make with duck! From slow-cooked duck-leg ragù to frikkadels with hummus, here are some of our top duck recipes for you to try.