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Hot chocolate

Warm up with our hot chocolate recipe collection. From classic to salted caramel hot chocolate, this is your ultimate hot chocolate recipe collection. Pro tip: use coconut milk for an extra creamy take on hot chocolate.

Hot cross buns

Enjoy hot cross buns all year round with our favourite recipes. From savoury selections such as hot cross bun stuffing and burgers, to sweet treats like hot cross bun ice cream bake and bread-and-butter pudding, you will find a tantalising recipe you can make for Easter and beyond. 

Hot dogs

The humble hot dog gets a massive upgrade with these delicious recipes. Try your hand at a variety of mouthwatering hot dog toppings, or go gourmet with our favourite hot dog recipes.

Hot drinks

Warm up with this collection of hot drink recipes. If you're after something milky and satisfying but are lactose-intolerant, we have a number of great dairy- and lactose-free hot drinks. Hot drinks include DIY chai, spiced hot chocolate or vanilla milk with nut butter and turmeric lattes (or golden lattes). We highly recommend substituting regular milk for coconut or almond milk for a decadent twist on your hot drinks.