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Lamb recipes

Whether it’s a special occasion or a family dinner, we have a wide selection of lamb recipes for you to choose from. These include various lamb roast recipes to dishes from around the globe.

Lasagne recipes

Love lasagne? Find our top lasagne recipes here. From a classic beef lasagne to open roast vegetable lasagne and everything in between, we have dozens of variations of this classic Italian dish for you to try.

Leftovers recipes

Transform your leftovers into a whole new meal with these innovative recipes. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a completely new meal, we share our top recipes that make use of leftover ingredients.

Loadshedding recipes

Lunchbox recipes

Repurpose your leftovers into something sensational. From mini Mexican no crust tarts to leftover pot-luck noodles, here are great lunchbox recipes that incorporate cooked ingredients. Kids and adults alike will love these lunches.