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Malva Pudding recipes

There are so many variations of this classic South African pudding and you can find recipes for many of them right here. Think orange-infused mini malva puddings to sweet potato malva pudding with nut brittle, you will be amazed at how you can reinvent this decadent dessert.

Matcha recipes

Matcha is so much more than a tea. It is an incredible ingredient that can be used in a number of dishes. We have recipes for matcha panna cotta, pea-and-matcha cake and more.

Meatballs recipes

Pasta, pitas, pizzas – meatballs (or "frikkadel" as well call them here in SA) works with them all. We have a variety of meatball recipes, that uses beef, chicken, lamb and pork in a variety of ways. They will make you appreciate the humble meatball much more.


Bring the Mediterranean to your kitchen with these gorgeous dishes. From flat breads and falafels to baba ganoush and hummus, we have recipes for all your favourites, plus a few that widen your knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine.

Meringue recipes

Whether you are searching for the ultimate pavlova, baked Alaska or a classic lemon meringue, you will find the best meringue recipes here.

Mexican recipes

From traditional meals and snacks to Tex Mex classics, we have a whole host of Mexican recipes that the whole family will enjoy. Think enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas and tacos.

Mielie recipes

From cheesy sweetcorn and braaied mielies to corn soup and salads, here are our best recipes using mielies and sweetcorn.

Milk recipes

There’s more to milk than cereal. These are our best milk recipes, from homemade oat milk to tres leches cake. Dairy has never looked this good!

Milk tart recipes

Make a milk tart like you’ve never seen before with these inventive recipes that turn the traditional tart on its head. Think deep fried milk tart, Naartjie-and-cardamom milk tart with candied citrus peel and milk tart liqueur. Plus there is the all favourite classic milk tart recipe.

Mince recipes

Whether it’s beef, chicken, lamb or pork mince, mince is one of the hardest working ingredients for midweek meals. Think classic cottage pie, Bolognese, lasagne and meatloaf.

Moroccan recipes

Explore our best Moroccan recipes, from harissa to couscous and everything in between.

Muffin recipes

Savoury, sweet, easy or vegan: we’ve got the perfect muffin for you in our extensive muffin recipe guide. Think classic bran muffins, cheese muffins, berry muffins and even vegan muffin recipes.

Mushroom recipes

This recipe guide is for mushroom fans! We share an array of recipes using a variety of mushrooms in classic and inspiring ways. Think crumbed mushrooms, stuffed mushrooms, pasta, soups, pies and even an insane vegan mushroom Peking pancakes!