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Paella recipes

There are several, delicious variations of paella. Try a traditional paella or a cheat’s paella to save time. Mix things up with a Mexican-style chorizo-and-seafood paella or a Spanish pasta-paella.

Pancake recipes

Enjoy pancakes? You’ll find the very best pancake recipes here. From the viral pancake cereal and pancake cake to crepes and gluten-free pancakes, there are plenty of recipes to choose from.

Panna cotta recipes

Creamy, sweet and delicious, panna cotta is the perfect, light dessert. Try our recipes for berry panna cotta, yoghurt panna cotta, buttermilk panna cotta and even a chocolate-and-cardamom panna cotta with rose syrup.

Pasta recipes

Arguably the most versatile of dishes, pasta is a go-to dish for everything from simple meals to special occasions. We have a great selection of pasta recipes including gnocchi, meat and vegetarian lasagne, carbonara and pasta salads.

Pastry recipes

From handmade pies to shortcut pastry, take your baking to the next level with these pastry recipes.

Pavlova recipes

Find your favourite pavlova recipes (and a few interesting takes) in this handy recipe guide that includes everything from a traditional pavlova with berries and cream to a game-changing tiramisu pavlova.

Pepper recipes

Whether you call them sweet peppers, bell peppers or capsicums, these vegetables can be cooked in stews, roasted and added to salads and stir-fries.

Pickled fish recipes

Wrap 'em in a roti or serve them with sambals: this is the only collection of pickled fish recipes that you'll need this Easter!

Picnic recipes

Looking for easy ideas for your next picnic? From quick dip recipes to finger food and other snack hacks, our picnic recipe guide will make sure your next outdoor meal is a success! (Though we can't promise the weather will play along!)

Pie recipes

Whether it’s covered in pastry or topped with mash, find the best pie recipes here. Find recipes for chicken pot pies, handmade Cornish pasties, classic cottage pie, fish pie, raspberry and apple pies and more.

Pizza recipes

Make your favourite pizza at home with these easy pizza recipes. Build on a basic pizza base or make foldover pizza, mini pizzas, two-ingredient pizza bases and pull-apart pizza rolls.

Polenta recipes

Find an array of recipes with this recipe guide that includes creamy polenta, polenta porridge, crispy polenta fries, polenta-and-lemon slice and even a banana-and-hazelnut polenta cake. Bonus: most of them will work just as well with pap!

Pork recipes

Whether it’s a quick supper or a scrumptious Sunday lunch, find the best pork recipes here. Think pork chops, crispy pork belly, pork fillet, roast porchetta and BBQ pork ribs.

Potato recipes

From creamy mash and potato bake, to the crispiest roast potatoes around, these are our best potato recipes.

Potato salad recipes

What’s a braai without potato salad? Find a variety of potato salad recipes that will impress your friends and family. Think potato salad with bacon, roast potato salad, warm sweet potato salad and condensed milk potato salad.

Potjie recipes

Poultry recipes

Scroll through our list of poultry recipes for sticky chicken wings, butter-brined roast chicken, duck a l'orange, ostrich fillets and more delicious dishes. This is the only poultry recipe guide you'll ever need.

Prawns and shellfish recipes

Love prawns and shellfish? We have an array of great recipes for you. From classic prawn cocktail and prawn curry to a steamed mussel pot and crayfish tempura, you’ll find the best shellfish recipes here.

Preserves and pickle recipes

Make you own preserves and pickles. Try our recipes for blueberry jam, red cabbage pickle, easy cucumber pickle and rose-petal preserve.