Dirty Manhattan

Dirty Manhattan

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You know the classic Manhattan – a classy concoction of whisky, sweet vermouth, bitters and a maraschino cherry. But do you know it’s subtler brother, the dirty martini? Swap the sweet vermouth for dry and garnish with an olive or a lemon twist rather than the cherry and what do you get? Pure sophistication, that’s what.


  • 50 ml whisky (two parts) 
  • 25 ml dry vermouth (one part)
  • A few dashes Angostura® Aromatic Bitters 
  • ice, for shaking 
  • 1 green olive, to garnish 

Cooking Instructions

1. Pour the whisky, vermouth and bitters into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until chilled, then strain into a martini glass.
2. Thread the olive onto a toothpick and use to garnish the cocktail.

Cook's note: You could also add a twist of lemon, or a very light splash of the olive brine for an extra layer of umami and complexity.

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Jacqueline Burgess Recipe by: Jacqueline Burgess
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Food stylist Jacqueline Burgess has been working with TASTE for the past six years. She loves coming up with wholesome recipes – whether low and slow or fast 'n fresh.

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