Doubled-cooked smashed potatoes

Doubled-cooked smashed potatoes

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  • 4-6
  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • 20 minutes


  • 700 g Woolworths medium Apache potatoes
  • 2 T salt
  • olive oil, for drizzling
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • paprika, for sprinkling
  • 2 x 150 g tubs Woolworths labneh medium fat soft cheese
  • chives, chopped, for serving

Cooking Instructions

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Fill a large saucepan with water and add the potatoes and salt. Bring to the boil and cook for 15 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender.

2. Drain the potatoes and place on a lined baking tray. Using the bottom of a heavy glass, lightly bash the potatoes so that they split open. Generously drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt, pepper and a shake of paprika.

3. Roast for 15–20 minutes, or until crispy and golden on the edges. Arrange on a platter, dollop with labneh and sprinkle over the chives.

Photograph: Saadiqah Assur
Recipes: Brita du Plessis
Food assistant: Josh van Zyl

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Brita Du Plessis Recipe by: Brita Du Plessis
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