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  • 2 cups (3 x 250ml) Woolies whipping cream, chilled
  • 2x 360 g Caramel Treat
  • 4 x 49g bars Peppermint Crisp bars
  • 200 g Tennis biscuits
  • 2 T sugar

1. Cream whips best when well chilled, so pop your mixing bowl in the fridge for 10 minutes for the best whipping experience.

2. Add 2 of the 250ml tubs of cream to a mixing bowl and whip until soft peaks form. In a separate bowl, mix the Caramel Treat using an electric hand mixer – this will loosen the caramel.

3. Add a few spoons of the whipped cream to the caramel and fold through before adding the remaining whipped cream as well as 3 of the Peppermint Crisp bars that have been roughly chopped. Fold the cream and chocolate through the caramel until well combined.

4. Add some of the mixture to the bottom of a serving dish – just enough to cover the base when spread out – then add a layer of Tennis biscuits, filling any spaces in between with crushed Tennis biscuits.

5. Add more of the caramel filling, followed by another layer of biscuits. Repeat until you’ve used all the filling and biscuits.

6. Place the dish in the fridge for 6 hours to set. For the best texture, allow to set overnight.

7. Before serving, whip the remaining 250ml cream with the sugar and spread across the top of the tart. Finely slice the remaining Peppermint Crisp bar and sprinkle over the cream to garnish. Serve chilled.

Photograph: Shavan Rahim
Videography: Romy Wilson and Katharine Pope
Food assistant: Leila-Ann Mokotedi

@wwtaste Hands up if you’re planning on making Peppermint Crisp tart at least once this holiday? In the event that you don’t have a solid recipe, @clempedro.mancrave is here with a real classic. #decembertreats #peppermintcrisptart #christmasdesserts #southafrica ♬ Christmas - JerryJeyy

Clement Pedro

Recipe by: Clement Pedro

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