Easy spun sugar

Easy spun sugar

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  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • 25 minutes


  • 500 g sugar
  • ½ cup water

Cooking Instructions

Place the sugar and water in a saucepan over a low heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Turn up the heat and boil for 7 minutes or until the syrup reaches hard-crack stage (153–157°C on a sugar thermometer) – if you drop a little of the mixture into cold water it should set instantly and easily snap.

Allow the syrup to cool for a few minutes before dipping the tines of two forks into it and lifting them to form thick strands.

Gently pull the sugar strands over and around the handle of a wooden spoon (secure it over your surface). Alternatively, cut the end off a whisk using pliers and use the whisk to “spin” the sugar. Allow the strands to cool and solidify.

Cook’s note: Spun sugar provides the crowning glory to tarts or pavlovas. Also try waving still-warm sugar strands over a small greased and inverted bowl to create a “basket” for placing over panna cottas.

Read more about using molten sugar for fudge, marshmallows, toffee and more here.

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