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Milk-tart jaffles

6-8 jaffles
10 minutes
20-30 minutes

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  • Tant Sannie se Melktert pudding in a glass liqueur
  • mosbolletjie loaf or raisin bread
  • 4 T Woolworths vanilla-flavoured custard powder
  • 500 ml full-cream milk
  • 3 T sugar
  • ground cinnamon
  • 100 g melted butter


1. Make the custard according to the package instructions for a thick custard: Place the custard powder in a bowl and mix with a little bit of milk to form a smooth paste. Add the rest of the milk, as well as the sugar, mixed with a pinch of cinnamon, and stir well.

2. Heat the custard mixture in a saucepan over medium heat, then turn the heat to low and keep stirring until the custard thickens. Set aside to cool down.

3. Once cooled, add 4 tablespoons of Tant Sannie se Melktert to the custard and stir through to combine.

4. Brush the insides of a jaffle pan with the melted butter. Place a slice of mosbolletjie loaf or raisin bread in each ‘cup’ of the pan. Place a fat scoop of custard in the middle, close the pan and toast on the oven – or over the braai! – until the bread is golden brown.

5. Repeat the process until the custard and the bread is finished, then dust the jaffles with cinnamon sugar and eat up! Serve warm.

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Tant’ Sannie se Melktert in a glass liqueur is the perfect end to a good South African braai. Made using a traditional milk tart recipe, it has a secret ingredient that gives it an extra punch. Try it in these proudly South African milk-tart jaffles, grilled over open flames. You won’t be able to just have one!

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