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Rolled salmon Gravlax sandwich with pickled ginger and cucumber

4 - 6
15 minutes, 30 minutes to set
Wine/Spirit Pairing
Spier Private Collection Chenin Blanc 2007

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  • 1 cucumber, cut into ribbons
  • 6 slices omega-3 bread, crusts removed
  • ½ cup Ayrshire fat-free smooth cream cheese
  • 100 g salmon gravlax
  • 10 slices pickled ginger
  • 10 g fresh dill, lightly chopped
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper

On a flat surface, place a sheet of clingfilm large enough to take three rows of two slices of bread. Arrange the cucumber ribbons on the plastic, working from left to right, overlapping the slices slightly – reserve some of the ribbons for later. Top with the slices of bread and spread with cheese. Cover with salmon, top with the remaining cucumber ribbons, then add the ginger. Sprinkle with dill.
Roll up tightly like a sushi roll, starting from the bottom and working upwards. Wrap tightly with clingfilm and allow to rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
Remove the plastic and slice the sandwich with a sharp knife to your desired thickness.

Cook’s tip: This sandwich can be made with any of your choice of fillings. The cucumber on the outside will prevent the bread from drying out.

Per serving: 393.3kJ, 5.9g protein, 1.5g fat, 12g carbs

Maranda Engelbrecht

Recipe by: Maranda Engelbrecht

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