Sunny-side steak

Sunny-side steak

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  • 1 4cm rib-eye or rump steak
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to season
  • 1 T duck fat
  • 1 T basil or sundried tomato pesto
  • 1 free-range egg

Cooking Instructions

Leave a rib-eye or rump steak of approximately 4 cm thickness out of the fridge for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Rub the steak with butter, duck fat or clarified butter (do not use oil, as this affects the flavour of the meat).

Season with salt and black pepper.

Heat a castiron or stainless-steel pan until very hot. Cook the steak in the hot pan. For a medium rare result, cook it for 3½ minutes on each side. Only turn the steak once. Once it’s cooked, remove the steak from the heat and leave to rest, covered loosely with foil, for five minutes. Place 1 T of fat in the pan and, if you like, melt with 1 T basil or sundried tomato pesto in which you fry an egg to your preference.

Transfer the egg to the steak and enjoy with a glass of Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon.

COOK'S NOTE: To clarify butter, melt 250 g butter in a saucepan over a low heat. Skim off the froth and discard. Carefully spoon the yellow separated fat off the white liquid that remains and discard the white liquid. The yellow separated fat is the clarified butter in which you cook the steak.

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Abigail Donnelly Recipe by: Abigail Donnelly
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