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Umphokoqo namasi (crumbly pap and amasi)

35 minutes

This is the perfect meal for a hot summer’s day and mine and my mom’s favourite prelude to a late afternoon braai. Some people enjoy this simple dish with a sprinkle of sugar, although it differs depending on where you are from.

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  • 1 t salt 
  • 400 g maize meal 
  • 1 litre full-cream amasi 

1. Bring 4 cups water to the boil and add the salt. Using a fork, stir the maize meal into the water to create lumps. Stir through to get a dry, crumbly consistency.

2. Once the water has “evaporated”, reduce the heat and cook for 25 minutes, covered. Once the umphokoqo is ready, fluff with a fork and turn out into a container to cool. Serve at room temperature with cold amasi poured over the top.

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Photograph: Toby Murphy 

Khanya Mzongwana

Recipe by: Khanya Mzongwana

If you're anything like our deputy food editor Khanya Mzongwana, you're obsessed with uniqueness and food with feeling. Cook her family-tested favourites, midweek winners and her mouth-wateringly fresh takes on plant-based eating.

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