Vermouth tonic

Vermouth tonic

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If there’s one drink that’s exploded onto the scene over in 2023 it’s vermouth. And this fortified wine definitely has a lot going for it. It’s lower in alcohol than the average spirit (generally between 12 and 18%), which makes for an easygoing sipper. It’s not as sweet as other fortified wines, making it more versatile. And finally, a good vermouth charms with subtle flavours of spices and botanicals. It’s no wonder bartenders are making it the star of the show.


  • 45 ml Tanzaro Bianco vermouth
  • ice, for serving
  • good-quality tonic water, for serving
  • slices of citrus, for serving

Cooking Instructions

For the vermouth tonic shown here, pour Tanzaro Bianco over ice and top with good-quality tonic water. Garnish with slices of your favourite citrus and enjoy at leisure.

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Photograph: Jan Ras
Productions: Bianca Strydom
Food assistance: Hannah Moerdyk

Jeanne Calitz Recipe by: Jeanne Calitz
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Jeanne Calitz is the commercial projects editor at TASTE. She is also a food, travel and arts writer, as well as a seasonal cook.

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