Reimagining veggies and how to cook them

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Reimagining veggies and how to cook them

Mogau Seshoene is a fan of Veganuary – if only because it helps her reimagine veggies and cook them in more delicious ways.

New year, new me,” that’s the mantra. Time to get cracking on those vision boards, send out the year’s wishlist to the universe and, most importantly, to prepare to do the hard work that will make it all come to fruition. I have sections for career, travel, mental health, money goals, family and, of course, body and wellness.

Last year, after all the heaviness of the festive season, I tried Veganuary with the aim of making better choices. It basically meant going vegan for the month and limiting my intake of sugar and carbs. It took just a few days for me to become accustomed to a totally meat-free diet, and the results were amazing. While my intention had not been to lose weight, I found that I made more conscious choices during Veganuary.

A more colourful, plant-fuelled diet meant a more nutritious one. Coupled with light exercise and virtually no sugar, this resulted in a smaller waist. This also encouraged me to develop the habit of reading food labels, something we should all do as we navigate the aisles of a grocery store. We owe it to our bodies to be better informed about the foods we put into them. And how lucky we are that these choices have been made much easier with the array of plant-based substitutes available. Vegan alternatives to meat, yoghurts and treats make it effortless and delicious to go meat-free. I don’t think the value of vegetables can be overstated.

Vegan roast butternut-and-chickpea curry

Find the recipe for Mogau’s vegan roast butternut-and-chickpea curry here.

They’re packed with nutrients and flavour: the sweetness of carrots and butternut, the almost meaty and earthy taste of mushrooms, and the freshness of cucumber. Following a meat-free diet also compels you to cook vegetables in more considered ways, grilling, braaiing, saut ing, and baking them.

That’s perhaps what I enjoyed most: re-imagining veggie staples so that, in the end, I didn’t miss meat at all. I may not have gone fully vegan after the four weeks, but I thoroughly enjoyed practising discipline at the start of a new year. If you’re giving Veganuary a try, here’s one of my favourite butternut and chickpea recipes. I was pleasantly surprised by the requests for seconds!

Mogau Seshoene Article by: Mogau Seshoene

Mogau Seshoene, AKA The Lazy Makoti is a cookbook author and TV star.

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