Rusk hour with delicious Woolies rusks

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Rusk hour with delicious Woolies rusks

Whether you’ve got that ‘let’s do this’ Monday feeling or, ‘let’s lie in’ Sunday vibes, whether you’re stressing or celebrating – it turns out there’s a rusk for that.


Situation: It’s Sunday and you have, miracle of miracles, no place to be!
Solution: Relax in bed with some delicious Honey & oat rusks.

Situation: It’s Monday and you’re putting on your ‘let’s do this’ boots.
Solution: Show your brain that you body means business by scoffing some bran rusks (made with no sugar, no less!)

Situation: It’s mid-week and you need something serious (but yummy) to keep you going.
Solution: We’re back at the bran rusk, but the slightly more decadent version made with real butter.)

Situation: Whohoo! It’s Saturday and you made it, let the relaxation begin!
Solution: Trust us, the new doughnut rusk will go down a treat, and it’s the perfect thing for a nice catch-up coffee with friends.

Situation: It’s still Saturday, but you just woke up from your nap and you’re feeling peckish …
Solution: The condensed milk rusk. It’s a rusk, made with condensed milk. Say no more.

Because there can never be too many rusks …

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