Saadiyah Hendricks’s must-try recipes for Eid

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Saadiyah Hendricks's must-try recipes for Eid

Food blogger Saadiyah Hendricks shares the Eid traditions and recipes – a legacy for her children – that will feature on her family’s table this year.

If the festival that marks the end of Ramadan – Eid Al-Fitr – could be described as a feeling, it would be “community”. After a month of fasting from sun up to sun down, Eid symbolises breaking that fast in the most generous way. For Saadiyah Hendricks, who started her blog Sadie’s Bubble of Yum as a way of sharing her passion with others, this sentiment is especially close to her heart.

In her family, as in many Muslim families, Eid is a reason to go above and beyond in the kitchen. “It’s all about the food, and there’s always a bit of anxiety a few days beforehand because you know you have to have everything ready,” she says. “Eid will always be special, but it’s even more so now as we create memories with my kids and their grandparents.”

Here are the Eid recipes Saadiyah will be making for Eid:

1. Gulab jamun

“Gulab jamun are beloved in many Indian homes and are made for special occasions or as a sweet treat for the family.”

Gulab jamun

Find the recipe for Gulab jamun here. 

2. Seafood paella

“This dish draws inspiration from biryani with its layers of rice and fragrant filling. It’s a spicy twist on the traditional seafood paella.”

Seafood paella

Find the recipe for seafood paella here.

3. Chicken tikka pies

Savouries are a must on every Eid breakfast table. These chicken tikka pies don’t disappoint with their flavourful filling and crisp, flaky pastry.

Chicken tikka pies

Find the recipe for chicken tikka pies here.

4. Middle Eastern-inspired trifle

This trifle is infused with flavours of rose, cardamom, saffron and pistachio.

Middle-Eastern inspired trifle

Find the recipe for Middle Eastern-inspired trifle here.

5. Prawn curry

To allow the flavours to really shine, this curry can be prepared a day ahead and served with fresh basmati rice or roti.


Find the recipe for prawn curry here.

6. Fattoush salad

This Lebanese salad celebrates flavours unique to the region such as sumac and za’atar. It’s topped with crunchy pita bread for additional texture.

Fattoush salad

Find the recipe for fattoush salad here. 

7. Roast leg of lamb

This tender, flavourful roast lamb is always a winner on any festive table and complements a wide range of mains and sides.

Roast leg of lamb

Find the recipe for roast leg of lamb here. 

8. Naan khatai

With ghee as the hero ingredient, these cardamom-infused biscuits are the definition of melt in your mouth!


Find the recipe for naan khatai here. 

Saadiyah Hendricks Article by: Saadiyah Hendricks

Saadiyah is a full-time working mom of two girls with a deep passion for all things baking and food. She made her first pot of food at the age of 10 and, with a growing curiosity for experimenting with different bakes, flavours and dishes, started documenting her food journey and sharing recipes on her blog Sadie’s Bubble of Yum 10 years ago.

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