A few of SA’s favourite national flavours

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A few of SA’s favourite national flavours

South African cuisine is a melting-pot of flavours (see what we did there?). While we savour these dishes all year round, Heritage Day is a good excuse as any to celebrate these smokey, spicy, classic and sweet favourites.

Smokey favourites


Roosterkoek: Roosterkoek with chipotle butter
Boerewors: Boerewors with beetroot, feta and strawberry salad
Potjie: Spatchcock chicken in a tomato vindaloo potjie with radish pickle

Spicy favourites


Bobotie: Bobotie with brown rice and lentils
Malay Curry: Maureen’s Cape Malay curry
Chakalaka: Chakalaka prego steak sarmie
Sambal: Fresh coconut sambal
Sweet chutney: Plum chutney

Classic favourites


Dombolo (dumplings): Dombolo dumplings
Biltong: Biltong-and-bacon dip with Parmeasan breadsticks
Vetkoek: Easy feta-and-garlic vetkoek
Samp-and-beans: Samp-and-bean risotto with anchovies and asparagus

Sweet favourites


Maas: Baked maas tart with citrus curd
Koeksisters: Koeksisters
Milktart: Naartjie and cardamom milk tart with candied citrus peel
Malva pudding: Malva pudding

Share your favourite SA flavour in the comments below.

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