Satisfy that sweet tooth with 7 of our most decadent chocolate recipes

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Satisfy that sweet tooth with 7 of our most decadent chocolate recipes

Out of hundreds of recipes featuring chocolate, how could we narrow down our favourites to seven? It wasn’t easy, but these indulgent chocolate recipes are exactly that. Read on to discover the decadent treats we’ve selected to tempt you.

We highly recommend starting at the top of this list of decadent chocolate recipes, and slowly working your way down.


decadent chocolate recipes

How do hot-from-the-oven, home-made doughnnuts sound to you? Pretty incredible, right? What if we told you they’re filled with creamy chocolate ganache and covered in a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar? That’s what we thought.

Get the chocolate-filled doughnuts recipe here.


decadent chocolate recipes

All you need is five ingredients and 15 minutes to spare to whip up this little beauty. It may just be the simplest one-pot wonder we’ve ever seen.

Get the salted caramel hot chocolate recipe here.


decadent chocolate recipes

Equal parts amazing and easy. It’s the perfect texture: part spongy and part gooey. Make a tray of these and everyone you share (if you can) them with will thank you as they help themselves to seconds.

Get the chocolate coconut custard brownie recipe here.


decadent chocolate recipes

Fudge icing or buttercream? Milk chocolate or dark? How do you choose? It’s quite simple: you don’t have too! Alternate layers of fudge and buttercream icing and top with homemade Rice Krispie clusters.

Get the choc-fudge layer cake with Rice Krispie cluster recipe here.


decadent chocolate recipes

This decadent dark chocolate mousse is particularly easy to whip-up. The chilling time might test your patience and willpower, but it’s 10/10 worth the wait.

Get the 6-ingredient chocolate mousse recipe here.


decadent chocolate recipes

These moreish, bite-sized cubes of chocolatey goodness require only 25 minutes of prep time. Plus, they feature Woolies Chuckles!

Get the chocolate and coconut marshmallow nutty fridge cake recipe here.


decadent chocolate recipes

Love a hot pud? Warm up this winter in the most decadent way possible. Make sure to use a good-quality dark chocolate (50–60 percent cocoa) so that your pudding isn’t bitter.

Get the baked chocolate pudding recipe here.

Discover 100 more deliciously decadent chocolate recipes here.

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