Satisfy your sweet tooth with these ClemenGold® desserts

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with these ClemenGold® desserts

We love putting a spin on our favourite desserts using seasonal fruit. Clemengold® mandarins are currently in season and what better way is there to enjoy them than making two glorious desserts? You’re going to love this Clemengold® cheesecake and easy Clemengold® cups.

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It’s citrus season, which means ClemenGold® mandarins are back in store and we cannot wait to get our hands on them. These palm-sized mandarins are easy to peel, making them the perfect go-to snack. But we’re not stopping at snacking – we’re giving classic desserts the ClemenGold® treatment. Make a creamy no-bake ClemenGold® cheesecake or dainty ClemenGold® cups served in ClemenGold® mandarin peels.

1. ClemenGold® cheesecake

If making baked cheesecake seems like a huge task, this no-baked version is the perfect solution. The top is a layer of ClemenGold® jelly with sliced ClemenGold® mandarins set into it. This is a showstopping dessert that’s the ultimate balance of sweet, creamy and crunchy. 

Get the recipe for ClemenGold® cheesecake here.

2. ClemenGold® cups

Inspired by lemon posset, these ClemenGold® cups may just be our new favourite dessert. This 4-ingredient dessert is dead easy to make and doesn’t disappoint in flavour. Top with fluffy torched meringue to make the ultimate picture-perfect dessert.

Get the recipe for ClemenGold® cups here.

Photographs: Shavan Rahim
Recipes: Jacqueline Burgess
Food assistant: Josh van Zyl

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ClemenGold® mandarins are virtually seedless, juicy and easy to peel, with an unmistakable sweet flavour. They’re perfect for a quick snack on the go or make a sweet addition to any recipe. Find them exclusively in Woolworths stores.

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