Save time (and max flavour) with Woolies ready-to-eat fish

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Save time (and max flavour) with Woolies ready-to-eat fish

Life is busy, and the pace only seems to increase towards the end of the year. With that in mind, Woolworths’ range of cooked fish is a marvel of ready-to-eat deliciousness.

There’s hot-smoked Norwegian salmon with pepper and dill and lemon-and-pepper trout, both of which are delicious flaked over a creamy bowl of pasta. The vibrant flavours of Norwegian salmon with soya, ginger and lime work well in Asian dishes, such as coconut-infused noodles).

Or how about a low-effort meze spread with pitas, cucumber and flakes of hot-smoked trout, served hot or cold, inside or al fresco, they’re all great ways to scale down effort, but ramp up taste.

Serving suggestion

Toast garlic naan breads over the fire, or in the oven. Serve with smears of hummus, crème fraîche, paprika-roasted chickpeas, flaked poached lemon-and- pepper trout, baby gem lettuce, artichokes, sliced baby cucumbers, radishes and a squeeze of lime juice. Top with with pickled red onion petals.

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