School’s out! 6 easy recipes the kids are going to love

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School’s out! 6 easy recipes the kids are going to love

It’s the time of the year again: school holidays. This means getting creative with ways to keep the kids entertained and fed while they’re home. No need to come up with elaborate ways to keep lunch exciting, here are 6 quick snacks and light bites they’ll rave about.

Simple snacks

When the kids are feeling peckish, here’s what to serve:

1. Home-made chips

Three ingredients, no fancy equipment and guaranteed CRUNCH! These are the best chips you (and the kids) will ever have, plus they’re crispy and golden in just 10 minutes. homemade-chips

Get the recipe for home-made chips here.

2. Marmite popcorn

Marmite is more than a sandwich spread, it adds umami to any dish, including snacks. You can get the kids involved by using microwave popcorn and asking them to pop the packet into the microwave while you prepare the Marmite drizzle.

Marmite popcornGet the recipe for Marmite popcorn here. 

Light lunches

Want filling and exciting meals the kids will polish off? Here’s what to make:

3. Pizza sandwiches

There’s no need to order takeaways: arrange pizza bases or white sandwich thins, grated cheese and a variety of toppings, and let the kids create their own cheesy masterpieces.

make-your-own-pizzasGet the recipe for pizza sandwiches here.

4. Potato croquettes

Things may be laid back during the school holidays, but veggies are still necessary. If the kids aren’t fans of broccoli, this recipe will change their minds.

Broccoli, cheese and potato croquettesGet the recipe for broccoli, cheese and potato croquettes here. 

Divine desserts

We hope the little ones left space for dessert!

5. Honey gems

This is the only time the kids can play with their food. These sticky popsicles can be served as a breakfast but let them have fun with toppings. Roll the frozen honey in crushed biscuits or make a sweet and salty version using salty crushed crisps.

frozen honey gemsGet the recipe for frozen honey gems here.

6. Chocolatey biscuits

All the flavours of Peppermint Crisp tart transformed into a biscuit! These biscuits feature pieces of Peppermint Crisp chocolate, dark chocolate and cocoa for a seriously decadent treat.

Peppermint Crisp cookieGet the recipe for Peppermint Crisp cookies here. 

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