We can’t get over these delicious seafood platters

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We can’t get over these delicious seafood platters

Mix and match Woolies’ range of sustainably-sourced seafood for the ultimate made-to-share platter.

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Our secret to hosting the perfect get together? You’ll want to go the platter route. It really is perfect – you can do all the prep beforehand and then just enjoy spending time with your guests when they arrive.

The Woolworths range of deli fish is absolutely ideal for this occasion. With a wide range of fresh, delicious, and sustainably sourced seafood to choose from, you can take go to town with marinated, hot-smoked, or ready-to-eat fish and shellfish.

Try these combinations:

Braaied herbed yellowtail platter

Braai, bake or pan-fry Woolworths’ yellowtail and prawns until golden and cooked to your liking. Serve on a platter of baby spinach and pan-fried baby asparagus, drizzled with garlic butter.

Easy deli fish platter

To make an easy, entertaining platter, arrange hot-smoked trout, salmon and chilli-and-garlic prawns on a large board with fresh microgreens, avocado, green tomatoes, sugar snap peas, sliced radishes and sliced baby cucumber. Serve with ready-to-eat tartare sauce, topped with caperberries.

Make the ultimate “seacuterie” board with Woolies’ wide range of seafood. Choose from yellowtail and prawns with garlic butter, ready-to-eat chilli-and-garlic prawns, hot-smoked trout, and salmon.


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