Shakshuka is one pan of wonderful

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Shakshuka is one pan of wonderful

Shakshuka: the anytime of the day dish, that’s as great cooked for one as it is cooked for many. Plus it tastes great whether you use fresh ingredients or pantry staples. Either way, there’ll be very little washing up too.

Originally from Tunisia, shakshuka is also eaten regularly in the Middle East and North Africa. It is rapidly gaining popularity all over the globe – and for good reason! Shakshuka is a one-pan-wonder dish made of eggs poached in a spicy tomato, chilli and pepper sauce, aromatically spiced with cumin.

It all starts with the sauce

The tomato sauce is delicious whether using fresh tomatoes, a ready-made tomato sauce or canned tomatoes. Simmer the tomatoes with onions, garlic and spices including cumin, coriander or smoked paprika.

Pro-tip: Smear a spoonful of hummus around the bottom of the bowl, before serving.

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Go veggie or meaty, it works both ways

Add a little more satisfaction to this already comforting dish by adding pan-fried chorizo to your sauce. Or keep things meat-free with grated baby marrow, carrots, diced brinjals or red kidney beans.

Pro-tip: Add ¼ cup double cream yoghurt just before it’s cooked to make it creamy.

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Crack in the eggs

Once the onions have softened and the sauce has combined and simmered, crack in a few eggs and allow them to slowly poach and take on the flavour of the sauce.

Pro-tip: It’ll take 2 – 3 minutes for an egg to cook through.

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Get fresh… toppings

Add a kick of freshness with a hearty handful of chopped fresh herbs, such as parsley, coriander or torn basil leaves. Don’t forget to season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Pro-tip: If you prefer a chunkier version, serve it on some freshly made couscous.

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