Shop local to make Christmas a cracker!

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Shop local to make Christmas a cracker!

Celebrate Christmas with locally produced, handmade crackers.


The bulk of SA’s Christmas crackers are imported, but not so at Woolies, who have been supplied by the same local cracker company for 20 years. Individually handmade by more than 100 local women, many of them single parents, the quality of the crackers are top drawer, and are filled with the regular crowd-pleasers (those corny jokes aren’t going to tell themselves, you know) along with a couple of mini gifts you’ll actually get some use out of! The best part, though? Knowing that by shopping right, you’re making a big difference. Oh, and the thrill of that snap if pretty cool, too.

Choose and shop with tomorrow in mind and fill all your cracker needs at Woolies.

Learn more about Today With Woolies here.

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