A few simple rules when cooking with yoghurt

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A few simple rules when cooking with yoghurt

Think beyond breakfast and dessert. Natural yoghurt is the secret to the tenderest lamb, the lightest bakes, the most moreish vegetables and the creamiest, most comforting midweek pasta since carbonara.

When cooking with yoghurt, do:

  • Substitute full-cream yoghurt for buttermilk, sour cream or mayonnaise.
  • Put double-cream yoghurt in your ice-cream maker, it freezes faster and is creamier than regular yoghurt.
  • Be aware of the temperature. The longer yoghurt is out of the fridge, the thinner it appears.
  • Marinate! It tenderises and adds flavour to chicken, lamb and beef.

When cooking with yoghurt, don’t:

  • Heat yoghurt quickly; the concentrated milk proteins will separate from the remainder of the whey. Rather temper the yoghurt by mixing in small amounts of hot liquid before adding it to the hot dish – and only do this right at the end.
  • Use aluminium cook or bakeware as the acidity of the yoghurt reacts with the metal.

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