Simple summer sides

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Simple summer sides

Don’t let sides be an afterthought. With Woolies’s convenient range of prepared veggies, you’ll have show-stopping sides in a flash.

For the rainbow roast veggie salad: 

1. Drizzle the Mediterranean roasting veggies with olive oil, season and roast according to the package instructions.
2. While the veggies are cooking, make a dressing by whisking a teaspoon each of harissa paste and roasted cherry tomatoes marinated in olive oil.
3. Serve the roasted veggies with cooked pearl couscous and roasted vine tomatoes, topped with watercress, aged feta cheese and a generous drizzle of olive oil.

For the mini ribs platter: 

1. Drizzle the sweetcorn riblets with a little olive oil and char over the braai or in a hot pan.
2. Glaze with the fresh pineapple BBQ sauce and garnish with crispy onion bits, dress with roughly-torn fresh coriander and a good squeeze of fresh lime.
3. Serve alongside sweet and spicy pork loin ribs.

For the mini potato stacks:

1. Place one Woolworths’ creamy potato bake in the freezer for an hour, then cut out rounds using a cookie cutter.
2. Cook according to package instructions in the oven, until browned on top.
3. Top with crispy pancetta, parmesan shavings and fresh thyme and serve.

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