Slurry: the secret ingredient your stir-fry’s been missing

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Slurry: the secret ingredient your stir-fry’s been missing

In short, it’ll wok your world.


A mixture of water and cornflour, slurry is a paste that takes home-made stir-fry to pro level. But there are a couple of other commandments you need to follow to achieve stir-fry perfection.

A piping hot wok is one of them. Stir-frying your ingredients in batches – protein first, then vegetables, then aromatics like ginger, onion and garlic – is also key to a crispy success story.

But perhaps our favourite ace up the ol’ stir-frying sleeve is adding a final flourish: the cornflour slurry. Once you’ve cooked all your ingredients, return them to the wok and deglaze the bottom of the wok with a splash of soya sauce, stock or rice wine vinegar.

Adding a mixture of cornstarch and water – your slurry – transforms all those accumulated pan juices into a slightly thickened, glossy sauce that will coat the ingredients and distribute all those delicious flavours equally.

Try it: it’ll wok your world.

Want to try your hand at this cool new stir-fry trick? You’ll need ingredients. Woolies has a rather delicious selection of products that make stir-frying super convenient, including diced veggies, meat strips, sauces and noodles, to get you going. The best part? They’re currently on promotion as part of Woolies’ Eat-in for Four for under R150 deal!

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