So many reasons to add some avo

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So many reasons to add some avo

Their creamy, nutty taste, their versatility, those healthy fats – we’ll never grow tired of this fruit and think it’s always a good idea to add some avo.


We’ll never grow tired of avos, there’s just too much to love. We love them for their creamy, nutty flavour and their versatility – they’re perfect for salads, toast and Buddha bowls, and all types of eggy dishes. And let’s not forget the allure of a proper guacamole, not to mention the new craze of deep-fried avo tacos. We also love them for their healthy fats. There’s really no reason not to make this delicious fruit a permanent part of your diet.

Serving suggestion: Slice avocados thinly and serve on a platter with fresh radishes, sugar snap peas, vegetable crisps, and crunchy breadsticks. Garnish with edible flowers.

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