Spilling the tea: 2 ways to elevate a cup of tea

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Spilling the tea: 2 ways to elevate a cup of tea

Bored of your usual cup of tea? Here’s how we turn fruit tea flavours into refreshing ‘boba’ tea using tea jelly and rooibos chai into decadent cupcakes you’ll want to make countless times.

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A cup of tea can melt all your troubles away. But there are tons of ways to enjoy tea besides a steamy cup when you’re feeling chilly. A comforting cup of chamomile tea can help you get a good night’s rest, adding slices of lemon and a few cubes of ice can instantly turn a cup of rooibos into iced tea, or you could make jasmine rice by cooking plain rice in jasmine tea. Pick your favourites at Woolworths, where you’ll find a wide selection of classic and artisanal tagged teabags to suit all tastes. You’re spoiled for choice – there are fruity flavours including blood orange, peach-and-apricot rooibos, and blueberry, or choose something warm and spicy such as rooibos chai and ginger root, or go for something floral and herby like hibiscus, rose petal and vanilla, or peppermint leaves.

1. Tea jelly

If you’ve ever wanted to make boba tea from scratch but find all the steps confusing, this is a cheat’s hack to achieve similar results. Inspired by Vietnamese coffee jelly, we’ve mixed gelatine and a cup of hibiscus, rose petal and vanilla and blueberry teas to make tea jelly. Once set, place the tea jelly cubes in a glass with ice and pour over your favourite Woolworths cold infusion flavoured tea.

Get the recipe for tea jelly here.

2. Rooibos chai caramel cupcakes

Don’t serve your tea with cupcakes, put the tea in your cupcakes! Infuse milk with Woolworths’ rooibos chai and add the infused milk to your cupcake mixture. The warm spices will impart flavour to the milk and give the cupcake batter more flavour. Don’t just stop at the batter, use cinnamon tea-infused milk in the icing, too. The addition of the oozing caramel centre takes these cupcakes up a notch. If you want an easy recipe that still offers showstopping results, bookmark this one because you’ll return to it many times in the future.

Get the recipe for rooibos chai caramel cupcakes here.

Photography: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Recipes and Production: Jacqueline Burgess
Food assistant: Lerato Motau

Woolworths offers a range of classic and artisanal teas to suit all your tastes. The range includes teas made for brewing in hot water and refreshing cold infusions that only need cold water. The range has flavours that vary from tried-and-tested favourites like rooibos and chai, to experimental flavours such as rose petal, vanilla and apple, cinnamon, and cranberry.

Shop at Woolworths.

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