SPONSORED: 6 knives every home cook should have in their kitchen

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SPONSORED: 6 knives every home cook should have in their kitchen

Just like in the restaurant industry, having good quality knives in your home can make cooking a breeze. No more worrying about roughly chopped veggies or loaves of bread you can’t slice through. With the right knives, prepping food is more efficient, safe and much more enjoyable.

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With so many knives on the market, we know that choosing the right one can be a challenge. Depending on your needs – dicing, chopping, carving or slicing – Tramontina’s seven-piece knife set (which includes a magnetic holder) offers all the right tools to prep all your favourite recipes. Best of all, they don’t break the bank.

1. Paring/vegetable knife

This knife is ideal for delicate slicing, cutting and peeling fruit and vegetables. Its small size makes it easy to control, giving you detailed cuts and scores with more precision.

2. Tomato knife

The micro-serrated blade cuts through tomato skin without squashing it.

3. Steak knife

A serrated edge and sharply pointed tip allow you to cut through meat without any hassle.

4. Kitchen/meat knife

The stiff, narrow blade helps cut various kinds of food.

5. Bread knife

The serrated blade slices without squashing the bread. This blade can easily slice through both soft and crusty loaves such as sourdough and ciabatta.

6. Chef’s knife

Perfect for everyday use in the kitchen.

7. Magnetic knife rack

Display and keep your knives within reach on a magnetic knife rack. This stainless-steel magnetic strip is powerful enough to hold all your knives safely and securely.


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Tramontina has been producing quality products in Brazil since 1911. Its seven-piece knife set features stainless-steel blades with polypropylene handles that are comfortable to use and dishwasher safe and a magnetic knife rack to display your quality knives. Slice through vegetables, fruit, bread and meat easily with Tramontina. 

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