SPONSORED: Celebrate life’s special moments with Martini 0.0 non-alcoholic Italian sparkling wine

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SPONSORED: Celebrate life's special moments with Martini 0.0 non-alcoholic Italian sparkling wine

There is something magical about a glass of bubbly. It instantly lifts your mood and amplifies any celebration where it is served. Whether you are teetotaling or just looking for a non-alcoholic option, Martini 0.0 is the best of the best.

When you think of the glamorous and aspirational lifestyle of Italy, you are sure to picture a glass of golden, bubbly sparkling wine somewhere in the mix. This lifestyle is what Martini has become synonymous with all over the world.

Made in Piedmont, Italy Martini’s roots are steeped in the rich history of the Italian Sparkling tradition. The country’s first sparklings were made in Piedmont in the 1850s. Martini made its home in the hillsides near the town of Asti where it grew and evolved its premium brand. Part of this evolution is creating a top-notch non-alcoholic that can be enjoyed in a mocktail or as is. If you are interested in trying out a fun mocktail with Martini 0.0, try making the Martini 0.0 lemon & elderflower spritz.

Martini 0.0 lemon & elderflower spritz

This mocktail is immensely versatile and great with main meals such as meat, poultry and fantastic with spicy food. Or simply enjoy it as a sundowner on its own!


Copa or Balloon Glass

1 slice lemon
1 part elderflower syrup
4 parts Martini 0.0 Dolce


1. In a large Copa or balloon glass filled with ice, add all the ingredients and stir.

2. Garnish with sliced lemon.

Learn more about Martini 0.0 at martini.com.

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