SPONSORED: Clarins’ new ingredient complex includes glow-boosting super fruits

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SPONSORED: Clarins’ new ingredient complex includes glow-boosting super fruits

Meet the new Extra-Firming Energy cream from Clarins – a glow-boosting facial moisturizer that helps fight the loss of radiance and firmness.

Today’s women are super busy, very driven, and constantly adapting to new challenges – and one of these challenges is a skincare routine that suits their age, and the times we live in. Especially after the age of 40, the skin can lose its natural tone, look dull, and the features drawn. Signs of fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles set in…

This is where the Extra-Firming range from Clarins comes in – in particular the specialised Extra-Firming Energy. Extra-Firming Energy is a new, complete, glow-boosting facial moisturizer. Created from extracts of plants and fruits, it helps fight a loss of radiance and restores the skin’s ‘spring back’ quality when firmness is lacking.

This product benefits from 35 years of Clarins skin-firming expertise. It offers its superpowers to women’s skin, boosted by Clarins’ new ingredient complex that is concentrated in glow-boosting superfruits: the [GLOW PLUS COMPLEX]. When developing the complex, the Clarins Laboratories incorporated 4 fruit extracts with known ‘superpowers’:

Acerola seed extract

This helps revive radiance. It enhances cellular respiration and helps optimize skin’s oxygenation process, thereby boosting the skin’s radiance.


Organic goji berry extract

This helps reactivate the skin’s energy. Used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years for its medicinal properties, organic goji berry extract reinforces energy production.


Organic apricot oil

This helps nourish the skin. Rich in fatty acids, organic apricot oil helps comfort and nourish the skin so that it can reflect the light well.

Paprika extract

Paprika extract promotes an immediate healthy glow. Obtained from the fruit, paprika extract delivers a natural, subtle, golden colour.

Extra-Firming Energy is a day cream that can be applied every morning. And for a beauty routine that offers optimal results, Extra-Firming Energy can naturally be used with all the other products in the Extra-Firming range:

The regenerating, anti-ageing night cream that visibly firms the skin and reduces the look of wrinkles.

A concentrated ‘lift-firming’ serum that firms and tightens features immediately.

The 2-in-1 intensive eye contour treatment that combines the smoothing effect of a serum with the comfort of a balm.

Smoothes, firms and reshapes these sensitive areas that are often neglected: the neck and the décolleté.

Clarins energising ‘cocktail’

In celebration of the ‘superpowers’ of the fruit and plant extracts used in this cream, Clarins offers a recipe for a delicious, energising ‘cocktail’ designed by Olivier Courtin-Clarins.

Serves 3-4

3 apples
3 kiwis
3 apricots
1 handful of goji berries 1 pinch of Paprika

Soak the goji berries in a little water for 24 hours to rehydrate them. Peel the apples and kiwis, cut into pieces, place in blender. Add the apricots (washed and cut), the goji berries and a pinch of paprika. Add some ice (about 2 cups). Blend together and serve immediately.

For more information, visit clarins.co.za

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