SPONSORED: Home retreats, the new interior trend for 2023

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SPONSORED: Home retreats, the new interior trend for 2023

The man cave is so last decade, 2023 interior trends are championing “me time” with personal spaces that aim to encourage self-care and creativity. 

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The man cave has been a staple feature of many houses over the past few years. A new deco trend is giving homeowners an opportunity to create their own retreats or sanctuaries within the home (regardless of their gender) – a space where they can relax.

These spaces are dedicated to reflecting the owners’ personal interests, personalities and hobbies. These sanctuaries are more nuanced spaces – the main aim is to cultivate an atmosphere in which it is possible to detach from the responsibilities and stresses of everyday life.

If you’re updating your home in 2023, here are a few things to consider before getting started on your personal retreat in your home:

  • Large windows let in lots of natural light.
  • Candles, humidifiers and diffusers add to the ambience. Go for calming scents such as lavender, vanilla and chamomile.
  • Bring elements from the outdoors into the space. Plants instantly make the space feel more grounded.
  • Beautiful artwork adds pops of colour to the space. Create a gallery wall to display your favourite prints and photographs.

Remember, the main aim of this space is to encourage relaxation and refreshment. Decorate the space to reflect as many of your interests as you like – no colour is too vivid or pattern too busy.

JKDA is an architecture firm that uses the principles of emotive design to reflect the unique personalities and daily rituals of the people for whom it designs houses. By focusing on spaces that cater to everyone in the home, it is able to create homes that effectively act as retreats to protect their inhabitants from the outside world.

Learn more about JK Designs Architects here.



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