SPONSORED: Reduce, reuse – how to make the most of your favourite ingredients

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SPONSORED: Reduce, reuse – how to make the most of your favourite ingredients

With efforts of reducing food waste top of mind, here are 6 recipes that do just that. These recipes are perfect for all your summer occasions – dinner parties, picnics, or braais. Read below to see how you can use up a can of chickpeas, a punnet of strawberries, and watermelon without wasting a single morsel.

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If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you’re probably making a few changes to your skincare routine to accommodate the change of season. This may mean using a sunscreen with a higher SPF or opting for a more hydrating moisturiser – but what about skincare packaging you can use more than once?

Introducing SKOON.’s refillable beauty with “airless refill” technology.

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Inspired by the new SKOON. “airless refill” technology, we wanted to explore ingredients that we could use more than once. We’re not talking about leftovers here, these are recipes that you can enjoy in summer with friends and family, no matter the occasion.


If a laidback get-together with good company is on your radar, a picnic is the perfect solution. There’s no need to be on the hunt for fancy picnic baskets; a blanket, delicious bites, and sunscreen will do. Buy a punnet of strawberries to make an easy snack and a showstopping cake that will have everyone begging you for the recipe.

Dessert: gluten-free white chocolate-and-lemon cake

This Italian dessert is the OG gluten-free dessert. We love this cake because it’s easy to transport to outdoor activities – you don’t have to worry about icing melting or tiers tumbling. For final touches, serve with sticky roasted strawberries – the tartness of the lemon cake works well with the sweet berries. Introducing the OG gluten-free cake! Torta Caprese al limone – or almond-lemon cake – is the easiest (and most delicious!) cake you’ll make this year. We used white chocolate instead of dark, and added sticky roasted strawberries to seal the deal.Get the recipe for gluten-free white chocolate-and-lemon cake here.

No waste: celery bites with strawberry-top pesto

Don’t throw away the tops of your strawberries – they’re a great way to bulk up green sauces and pesto. It’s also a good way to use up the whole fruit – we bet you didn’t know you could do that! Serve this zero-waste pesto with fried celery and a few crackers for extra crunch.  Get the recipe for celery bites with strawberry-top pesto here. 


If you’re not an early riser, brunch was made for you. Brunch has no rules, it’s the best of both. Here’s what we’re making this spring and summer:

Brunch o’clock: soft-boiled Turkish-style eggs with hummus

You can’t beat a summer brunch. We’ve put a spin on classic Turkish eggs by adding homemade hummus and fried brinjal. This is the ultimate brunch – runny eggs, creamy hummus, tangy labneh, crispy and crunchy brinjal and spicy paprika oil – what more could you ask for on a summery weekend?

Get the recipe for soft-boiled Turkish-style eggs with hummus, labneh, crumbed brinjal and paprika oil here

No waste: fresh cherry vodka sour

Sure, you can serve coffee, tea and mimosas at your brunch, but why not create a cocktail too? This one uses a secret ingredient: chickpea brine. That’s right! When making your hummus, don’t throw out the brine. It’s a plant-based alternative to using egg whites. If you want to make a rich, silky cocktail with a foam cap, egg whites are your best friend, but in this case, chickpea brine (aquafaba) is the perfect replacement. This won’t affect the aroma of your drink, but will have a big impact on texture.

Fresh cherry vodka sourGet the recipe for fresh cherry vodka sour here.

Dinner party

Thinking of inviting a few people over for a home-cooked meal? You don’t have to break the bank to impress. Stick to using seasonal produce as much as possible – spring and summer have the best to offer. Here’s what you can make with 1 whole watermelon:

Host with the most: Watermelon, red cabbage and herb tabbouleh

This easy, fresh and make-ahead grain salad is perfect for summer. If you’re not very confident in the kitchen, it’s very hard to mess this up. For this recipe, we’ve added red cabbage and watermelon for colour but watermelon also gives a great contrast to the salty, acidic and herby flavours. Traditionally, watermelon is served with feta or halloumi, but this is a great way to explore more ways to use this summer fruit in savoury dishes. Serve with pork meatballs to complete your easy menu.

watermelon red cabbage and herb tabbouleh with pork meatballsGet the recipe for watermelon, red cabbage and herb tabbouleh with pork meatballs here.

No waste: easy pickled watermelon rind

Did you know that you can pickle watermelon rind? When pickled, it makes an acidic, salty addition to salads, or as a snack. This may be an acquired taste for some so we suggest chopping it finely and adding it to relishes and vinaigrettes if you’re new to the flavour. Easy pickled watermelon rind recipeGet the recipe for easy pickled watermelon rind here. 

By embracing refillable options, SKOON. skincare fans can enjoy long-lasting benefits while contributing to a greener, more responsible future. From preserving product efficacy and reducing waste to promoting sustainability and hygiene, this exciting innovation makes more sense for both consumers and the environment. The refillable beauty trend with new “airless” technology presents a compelling case for adopting eco-friendly skincare practices. 

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