Ke Dezember – 5 braai recipes you have to make this summer

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Ke Dezember – 5 braai recipes you have to make this summer

The countdown to the festive season has begun! Whether you’re off on a much-needed holiday or frantically planning on hosting, food always takes centerstage during this time of year. Here are 5 easy recipes to make on the braai or bring to a braai – if the award for host with the most is what you’re vying for, these recipes will win you the crown.

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Planning on hosting a braai, a pool party, or setting up your festive table outdoors? Here’s what to serve:

1. Made for sharing: seafood braai platter

Why choose one protein when you can have three? Grilled trout, prawns and stuffed squid heads make an excellent seafood platter that offers a little bit of everything to your guests. Serve pot-luck style and let everyone dish up for themselves. If you’re intimidated by gutting a fish or cleaning squid heads, you’re in luck – this recipe uses store-bought versions where the work has already been done for you. Now you’ll have more time to spend with your guests and the menu is guaranteed to be a success.

Get the recipe for seafood braai platter here. 

2. Classic reinvented: T-bone steak with atchar-anchovy butter

Magwinya, atchar, mafali le special, is a township classic that we have no intention of reinventing. However, atchar is an underrated ingredient we think deserves way more recognition. Mix it with anchovy fillets and butter to make a flavour-packed butter that you can smear and use to baste braaied streaks and chicken. This may not be your usual way of enjoying atchar but it’s about to become your favourite way.

T-bone steak with atchar-anchovy butterGet the recipe for T-bone steak with atchar-anchovy butter here.

3. Signature side: sweetcorn potato salad

Give the mayonnaise potato salad a break this summer by making this version with crispy, roasted baby potatoes instead. This salad prioritises texture rather than only focusing on flavour. Each forkful boasts the sharpness of red onion, herbaceous freshness of coriander, sweetness of sweetcorn and the bitterness of radicchio all tied together with a coconut-and-coriander dressing. If you’re not confident with grilling on the braai, this salad is simple enough to get right every time but so impressive all your mates will beg you to bring a big bowl every time you come over. Sweetcorn potato salad Get the recipe for sweetcorn potato salad here.

4. Festive ending: Panettone on the braai 

Italian with a South African twist! Panettone is a sweet Italian bread usually made for Christmas or New Year. Most panettone recipes require one or even two days of preparation so feel free to cut corners and use a store-bought one instead. Simply cut into thick slices, butter each side and braai until toasted. Serve with a generous scoop of ice cream or a dollop of mascarpone and a selection of your favourite summer fruit. There’s no need to bother with a towering trifle when dessert can be this easy and this delicious.

Get the recipe Panettone on the braai with vanilla mascarpone and fruit here.

5. Cheers to the new year: beer shandy

Fun cocktails don’t have to feel like a chemistry experiment; keep it easy with beer, vodka and lemonade. This is a laid-back cocktail to serve at all your braais, picnics and get-togethers this summer. Remember to drink responsibly and always keep the pool covered if there’s alcohol involved, especially if your pool is close to where you’re entertaining. Cheers! Not suitable for those under 18 years-old.

The beer shandyGet the recipe for beer shandy here.

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