Sponsored: Meet Hellmann’s Olive Oil Dressing

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Sponsored: Meet Hellmann's Olive Oil Dressing

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hellmann’s Olive Oil Dressing

Over 260 years ago the French chef of a Duke was whipping up a celebratory sauce for an anticipated battle victory when he ran out of cream. So, he thought to add olive oil to his eggs instead and Mayonnaise was created for the first time. When Richard Hellmann moved from Germany to New York in 1903, he opened, a now legendary, deli shop on New York’s 490 Columbus Avenue, where he started making mayonnaise from his wife’s recipe. Fast forward to 2017, Hellmann’s has perfected Richard’s deli recipe and has since become the world’s favourite mayonnaise brand.

Now, the delicious taste and rich, creamy consistency that’s made Hellman’s the number one in the world, meets the goodness of olive oil in a flavour mash-up of note. Like the original, the Olive Oil Dressing is made with barn-free eggs and vinegar, but the mayo masters have fine-tuned the recipe to include olive oil for its flavour as well. We’re not going to tell you all the ways you can use it (because we all know everything tastes better with mayo). We are, however, going to tell you that a dollop of this on chargrilled patties will make you rethink the way you’ve been eating burgers all your life.

Hellmann’s with Olive Oil Dressing is proudly made with real, simple, high quality ingredients like barn free eggs, olive oil and vinegar. This irresistibly creamy and rich dressing is a great source of Omega 3 and can be used as a spread, or in a recipe, to elevate your favourite foods – and your mood. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is the ideal condiment for consumers looking to add a little something special to their sandwiches, wraps, burgers and salads.

Hellmann’s Olive Oil Dressing is available exclusively at Woolworths in a 443 ml jar.

To introduce you to the delicious taste of Hellmann’s Olive Oil Dressing, we have included a recipe for you to try, visit the Hellmann’s website for more fun ways to enjoy Hellmann’s making your good meals, your best meals.


Combine 500 g lamb mince, 1⁄2 t ground cumin and season to taste. Mix well and shape into 4 patties. Drizzle the patties with olive oil and fry in a nonstick pan over a medium-high heat for 4–5 minutes on each side, or until cooked to your liking. While the patties are cooking, fry 1 large sliced brinjal in olive oil until cooked through. Remove from the pan and drain on kitchen paper. Fry 8–10 slices halloumi until soft and golden. To serve, place a few rocket leaves onto the base of a toasted sesame hamburger roll, followed by a few slices of tomato, a lamb burger, a few slices of brinjal and 1–2 slices halloumi. Top with a generous dollop of Hellmann’s Olive Oil dressing and freshly ground black pepper. Repeat with the remaining patties.

Visit www.hellmanns.co.za for more.

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