SPONSORED: Pink Lady® apples are back in season

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SPONSORED: Pink Lady® apples are back in season

It’s that time of the year again: Pink Lady® apple season! From May to November you can enjoy your fill of these crunchy, tart apples.

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Pink Lady® enthusiasts live life with flair. They radiate positivity and embrace each new day with an upbeat spirit, seizing the opportunity to experience every moment as a wonderful adventure to be enjoyed to its fullest. They recognise and strive for more of the good things in life – precious time with loved ones, moments of luxurious indulgence, creating cherished memories – there’s always a good reason to experience happiness in all of life’s sweet moments. They approach food with the same zest for life, savouring every bite as a celebration of a beautiful life. From a stylish night out at a see-and-be-seen restaurant to an on-the-go nibble, they seek a connection with all of their senses, making a conscious choice to revel in the experience.

Take a bite to hear the satisfying crunch and sample Pink Lady® apples’ tart flavour (complete with an effervescent fizz). Pink Lady® apples are left to linger longer on the trees to absorb more of nature’s goodness while developing their characteristic sweet, refreshing and tart flavour. The apples receive round-the-clock care – only the best are selected.

To get in the mood for Pink Lady® season, here’s an easy bake perfect for cooler days.

Pink Lady® frangipane tart

Get the recipe for Pink Lady® frangipane tart here.

Pink Lady® apples – the heartbeat of a sweet life. With their heart-shaped seal of approval, they bring a burst of sweetness to every occasion. Life’s too short for anything less than extraordinary. Hand-picked and bursting with flavour, turn every moment into a sweet celebration. Taste the sweet life with every tangy, juicy crunch.

Learn more about Pink Lady® apples here.

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