SPONSORED: Raise your cooking game with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

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SPONSORED: Raise your cooking game with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Whether you use it in the kitchen, for work or play, the Galaxy Tab S7 is a recipe for success. With a versatile S Pen that turns your handwriting to text, DeX mode which allows you to connect to your laptop, and Samsung’s largest, crystal-clear Super AMOLED display, you’re ensured a fully immersive experience.


Meet your new ‘sous chef’: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The line between work and play has blurred for most of us during the lockdown. We eat where we work and we play where we sleep: at home. For a life that is now seamless, it helps to have a multi-device that works for both productivity and play.

For those of us who’ve been inspired to find our inner chefs during lockdown, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ are here to join the culinary ride.


Search for recipes online, watch videos of new techniques and share your tasty results on social media. You can set your Galaxy Tab S7 on a stand well away from water and flame and still be able to see and watch everything you need.


Watch Keletso make chocolate cinnamon buns with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, here

From the kitchen to the office…

The Galaxy Tab S7 ensures you don’t miss a beat thanks to versatile tools like the magnetic S Pen which turns your handwritten notes to text and allows you to draw or edit documents. How’s that for handy?

DeX mode allows you to connect to your laptop, giving you the advantage of an easily portable second screen.

To the lounge…

The Galaxy Tab S7 offers a cinematic content-viewing experience powered by a massive crystal-clear screen. Samsung’s largest Super AMOLED display brings every web page or content screen to life and the Quad speaker sound by AKG and Dolby Atmos amplifies that experience to ensure you’re fully immersed.

To your hand

The Galaxy Tab S7 is a digital companion like no other. It ensures you can do even more, seamlessly moving across devices. In this manner, you can easily move content from your smartphone to your Galaxy Tab S7 – and vice versa. It even provides a more convenient keyboard experience across devices, with the wireless book cover keyboard (included in-box and valued at R4699*) that connects to your tablet so you can effortlessly switch between the two.


Shop the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series, here

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