Sponsored: Relieve heartburn and indigestion with Gaviscon Plus

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Sponsored: Relieve heartburn and indigestion with Gaviscon Plus

Overindulged? We’ve all been guilty of this. And we’ve all experienced the often uncomfortable effects it has, too: heartburn and indigestion. The solution for relief of these nasty side-effects? Gaviscon Plus

If there’s one downside to being a food lover who loves to overindulge (some of us more so than others), it’s the uncomfortable aftermath known as heartburn and indigestion. That greasy dinner may be particularly comforting when it’s chilly outdoors, but when that burning sensation hits you right in the chest, you may regret it.

This, however, doesn’t mean having to cut out your favourites. Gaviscon Plus soothes within 3 minutes by neutralising stomach acid and forming a protective barrier over the stomach’s contents to help relieve the effects of overindulgence. So bring on the pie and the curry and the red wine, but be sure to have Gaviscon Plus on hand – it will help alleviate the effects of appeasing your cravings for your most-loved foods.

What’s more, stand a chance to win one of five Carrol Boyes merchandise to a total value of R25 000. That is, R5000 worth of merchandise each with Gaviscon Plus

To stand a chance of winning, SMS “Gaviscon” to 33861.

Visit www.gaviscon.co.za for more and find out more about the competition on their Facebook page.

Registration no: A40/11.10/0480

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