Sponsored: sweet dreams are made of cheese

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Sponsored: sweet dreams are made of cheese

Gorgonzola, Danablu, Botham’s Cremezola Blue, De Leeuwen… cheese dreams are made of these, and Woolies definitely agrees.

Its range of blue-veined cheeses includes local and imported varieties to suit every taste: creamy and crumbly (hello, Stilton), soft and oozy (we love you, Cambozola) and rich and buttery (Wineland Blue Camembert for the win!). Pop your favourites onto a cheeseboard with some crackers and preserves and consider dinner served.


Roast halved pears with treacle sugar and butter until sticky and tender, scoop out the cores and fill with crumbled Danablu and crushed pistachios.

Blue cheese

Crush Woolies’ nut brittle over wedges of roast beetroot and serve with Blue Rock and Wineland Blue Camembert.


Roast a bunch of red grapes drizzled with honey for 10 minutes. Serve warm with a wedge of Gorgonzola and ginger biscuits.

De Leeuwen

Make a basic béchamel sauce, add De Leeuwen to taste and serve with chargrilled steak and fennel fronds.

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